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Repair Clinic

Interview with Chris Hall

Questions by Angelika Petrich-Hornetz

Two years ago we did this short interview with Chris Hall, the president of RepairClinic.
Repair Clinic is a fullservice-provider for all questions around repairing home appliances as dishwashers, freezer, dryer, mircowaves, dehumidifier, air conditionier etc. Meanwhile you can order spare parts directly. The website offers a lot of information. A special offer is called the Repair Guru. You can ask it for advice per E-Mail, if anything is going wrong with your appliance. Such kind of service which provides the customer with information and help on a variety of brands means to meet the the real needs of people.

Wirtschaftswetter: What was the main idea, when you start with the repair clinic?

Chris Hall : I used to run an appliance repair service company in Michigan,USA. That was where idea came from.

Wirtschaftswetter: Why does customers prefer to repair their old dish washer instead of buying a new one?

Chris Hall: Customer prefers to repair old one due to price and convenience.

Wirtschaftswetter: Do dish washer die faster in the 21. century?

Chris Hall: No, dishwashers are as reliable now as they were 20 years ago, average life expectancy in USA, 14 yrs.

Wirtschaftswetter: What are the main problems, customers contact you?

Chris Hall: Main problems are trying to anticipate customer needs and converting people to looking to the Internet for this type of problem in the first place.

Wirtschaftswetter: You give a lot of information. Should companies and manufactures generally give more support on their products in your opinion?

Chris Hall: The fact that manufacturers don't adequately support their products is a great opportunity for us. I don't think it is the job for a manufacturer to support the products at the consumer level.

Wirtschaftswetter: Caused by Internet, your service departement is open on 24h/d. Will this be the future of every service department?

Chris Hall: Yes. If you can't offer 24hr. service you WILL fall by the wayside and be overrun by your competitors. Our service isn't truly 24hr. We allow customers to submit questions 24hr. but we answer them during normal hours of operation.

Wirtschaftswetter: Our final question, which we are interested in:
Will you open a repair clinic in germany , too?

Chris Hall: It is not in our current plans. I don't know enough about the Deutschland appliance industry to assess the feasibility of growth there. We may be in a better position in a few years.

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