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Welcome to 2023!

Dear Readers,

Wirtschaftswetter International

thank you for visiting Wirtschaftswetter. Wirtschaftswetter-International, our English-language section, offers you themes, information, tips and services. The next edition of Wirtschaftswetter goes online in April 2023. If there is anything you would especially like to see in the magazine or if you would like to leave us a message with your suggestions, interests, wishes or questions, we will be glad to receive your e-mail:

Quote: "Out where the world is in the making, Where fewer hearts in despair are aching, That’s where the West begins"
Arthur Chapman
The whole poem, externe Seite, i> Out Where the West Begins

External Links:
Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol: The Hearings

Research - Eurofound on COVID-19, latest: Mental health and trust decline across EU as pandemic enters another year

The one and only - The New York Review of Books

Aurora Borealis 2Themes. A hostile climate in childhood leads to mental heatlh problems. Researches from University of Cambridge and University College Dublin found a 1,5 time higher development of mental health symtpoms in children, who are raised up in an hostile emotional climate at the age between three and nine years, read on, extern site, Cambrigde Research, Harsh discipline increases risk of children developing lasting mental health problems

Dirty Works. How, unhindered, a lot of money continues to harness the entire high-tech communications sector in the blink of an eye - and makes it look pretty old in the process. Any innovation or at least any idea on the executive floors? Not a thing! The New Yorker about one of innumerable, unaccountable cases, read on, extern site, The Dirty Secrets of a Smear Campaign

Themes: Russia's Eugenic War. Yale Professor Timothy Snyder recently published his view on Vladimir Putins speakings on "Russians and Ukrainians" would have been "one people" and what followed after the military strike, which did not reached his goals. Since then Putin is trying to eleminate the Urkrainian identity with other - wellknown - methods, read on, extern, Russia's Eugenic War

Themes: This Will Not Be Easy - Putin's Way of Destroying the Future. Summer break is over. Putin insists on bringing back tsaristic Russia. If he succeeds, sooner than expected Earth will spit out humanity like an annoying mosquito flown into its mouth. Evolution can also get along very well without two-legged nostalgics, as it recently showed impressively with the dinosaurs. But not everyone realizes yet that first of all another lonley winter, cold in every respect, has to be survived. This will not be easy. An analysis from the colleagues at "Foreign Affairs" on where we stand and what to expect, read on, extern site, The World Putin Wants - How Distortions About the Past Feed Delusions About the Future

Equipping 4-year-olds with loaded guns and the decomposition of democracy into opposing factions - an article by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt in "The Atlantic", Why the past 10 years of American life have been uniquely stupid - It's not just a phase

In addition to Frances Haugen's proposals, we also advocate for a small, workable, first step, namely the right of reply, on social media, which originated in the press. Social media platforms should be required to publish counter-representations right next to the usual curses and threats, visible at a glance to all users, and even if those affected by hate campaigns are not themselves members of those platforms. The goal is to finally make the information and exchange of different positions technically possible, and thus no more and no less than to introduce the discussions of different views as such, which are indispensable for any democracy - and on these platforms were obviously led ad absurdum.

Quote: "Why not invest your assets in the companies you really like? As Mae West said, 'Too much of a good thing can be wonderful'.".
Warren Buffett

+++ News +++ November 2022- Ending Violence Against Women Day - ILO Chief Calls for Signing Violence and Harassment Convention C190 +++. On the occasion of the World Day for the Elimination of Violence againgst Women and the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, the ILO Director-General Houngbo calls all countries for the signing and implementing of Convention C190, that has already been adopted in 2019. "It's time to end violence and harrasment now", he says, more: Ratify C190 - Time to End Violence and Harassment in the World of Work +++

External Link - New York, New York

Quote: "Following the West is not surrendering. Following the West, the best of the West, is following originality"
Ram Gopal Varma

External Links - Borowitzreport

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