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Release the Israeli hostages.

Welcome to fall 2023!

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Quote: "All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king."

by J.R.R.Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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Aurora Borealis 2

Themes. Eritis sicut Deus? Who is informed about what really tooks place? Thanks to colleague Maureen Callahan from the Daily Mail Online, the question of whether "the president" has seen the video of the massacres of October 7, 2023, has been raised, extern site, The video of barbartiy and carnage that will haunt me forever: Maureen Callahan searing accout oft he 10/7terror footage - and her demand: why won't the president tell us if he's seen it or not?. In the meantime, in addition to serveral editorial offices some MEPs have also seen it, most recently in France and the USA. What about the others?
We assume that experts will be able to verify the authenticity of the film snippets. And that's why all heads of state and especially UN should watch it while the conspiracy narratives continue to gallop on serveral "social media". All adults who attend pro-Hamas and pro Islamic State demonstrations in Europe should have to watch it, especially parents whose children hang around at such demonstrations and have absolutely no idea (as several newspapers has reported since October 7) who they are supporting. And then they should all ask themselves: what would you do if your people, your children, sisters, brothers, your grandparents and parents, your family and friends were attacked in this way?.
Currently, Hamas is once again "claiming" a dead Israeli soldier "for itself", like any other ordinary terrorist group that knows no other purpose but to destroy, while this kindergarten-terror movie depicts the real events, e.g. how a young man filled up with drugs commits an ice-cold mass murder and proudly calls his father to earnestly receive praise for having done the "great feat" of killing ten Jews. By the way, the father on the phone did not sound enthusiastic about his son's "great" deeds. And many parents on the whole world who have not (yet) fallen for any terror propaganda at all may think similary.

New Trend - Mal(e)icious Kindergartens. What is a malicious Kindergarten? A new male symptom in politics, that seems to be going worldwide, as for instance you can see at the following hearing in US-Senate from today where Bernie Sanders was the only adult in the scenery, extern site,, PBS News Hour: Oklahoma senator challenges Teamsters president to a fight during Senate hearing

Grief and Rage in Israel and Gaza. Without any comment from us, the following article by Editor-in-Chief David Remnick of the "New Yorker" is worth reading, extern site, Letter from Israel - In the Cities of Killing

Destruction. An account from Israel of an obliterated kibbutz, the survivors, the dead, and the continuing horror. Caution, this report describes incidents that may be disturbing to sensitive readers. Read on, extern site, The Devastation of Be'eri

Themes. Balticconnector damage - Searching for Vessels. On October 8 occurs a damage on the gas pipeline "Balticconnector" between Estonia and Finland. Among several other ships, that were underway during the period of the pressure drop, the russian "Sevmorput" and the "NewNew Polar Bear" were too, as authorities from several baltic states are currently investigating. The Chinese container ship, "NewNew Polar Bear" was on September 13 in Petropavlovk, on October 3 in Kaliningrad, on October 6 in Baltiysk (Kaliningrad), on October 8 in St. Petersburg, on October 13 again in Kaliningrad and left the Baltic Sea on October 16. It arrives on October 21 in Arkhangelsk and now it is on its way to Tianjin, China, where it will be estimated on November 16. The route of this vessel, under the flag of Hongkong is special, because it is the first container ship that is taking the Russian Northern Sea Route and back (within 3 month) - maybe it will do so as a regular service - from Baltic Sea to China and back as shown on its first trip. The Russian "Sevmorput" arrived from Murmansk and was on Baltic Sea from and to St. Petersburg beetween October 8 and 9; it leaves on October 9 and is on its way to Vostochnyy, Russia, estimated arrival on November 3. However, according to publicly available data, both vessels were in port at the time of the pressure drop, which was noticed at 23:00 on October 8. A third russian vessel hast been recognized in Baltic Sea near Germany in this period, that skipped its mandatory radio data when arriving in the North Sea, last position near Skagerrak, Denmark, on October 17. Of course, it could have been an accident, but this would require the authorities responsible for the ships to provide information on their exact routes, in accordance with the international IMO guidelines.

Themes: Anything but Standard in the Time Tunnel Although they are mentioning, they "are not proposing a time travel maschine", researchers at the University of Cambridge have shown that by manipulating entanglement – a feature of quantum theory that causes particles to be intrinsically linked – they can simulate what could happen if one could travel backwards in time. So that gamblers, investors and quantum experimentalists could, in some cases, retroactively change their past actions and improve their outcomes in the present. Correcting errors that can no longer be improved? It sounds like a sensation or even a revolution if that pesky 75 percent error rate didn't exist. But maybe it can be changed in the same way? Otherwise, the garbage collection would have big problems.The study appeared in the journal Physical Review Letters. Read on, extern site, Simulations of backwards time travel can improve scientific experiments

Quote: "Transformational leaders are like the roots of a tree. They may not be visible, but they keep the tree alive.".

by Gift Gugu Mona, The Effective Leadership Prototype - For a Modern Day Leader

+++ News +++ +++ November 2023 - Updatte ILO Worldwide - Elimination of Violence against Women +++ , look and listen, ILO Director General Messgage for the elimnination of gender-based violence +++ August 2023 - General Elections in UK 2024/25 and the British women +++ The maximum term of the current UK-Parliament will autmatically dissolve on Tuesday 17 December 2024. The next Polling Day could be 25 days later. But women, especially young women, in the UK currently don't know which of the two parties still represents their interests at all, as the British edition of the magazine Glamour recenctly reported, extern site, Not on Team Rishi or Team Keir? How the two-party political system is seriously alienating young women. +++ November 2022 - Ending Violence Against Women - ILO Chief Calls for Signing Violence and Harassment Convention C190 +++. On the occasion of the World Day for the Elimination of Violence againgst Women and the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, the ILO Director-General Houngbo calls all countries for the signing and implementing of Convention C190, that has already been adopted in 2019. "It's time to end violence and harrasment now", he says, more: Ratify C190 - Time to End Violence and Harassment in the World of Work +++

External Link - New York, New York

Quote: "Oscar Handlin has said, 'Once I thought to write a history of the immigrants in America. Then I discovered that the immigrants were American history.' In the same sense we cannot really speak of a particular immigrant contribution to America, because All Americans have been immigrants or the decendents of immigrants, even the Indians as mentioned before, migrated to the American continent. We can only speak of people whose roots in America are older or newer"

by John F. Kennedy, A Nation of Immigrants

External Links - Borowitz-Report (Satire) - "Johnson Promises to Be Greatest Speaker of the Seventeenth Century"

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