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Volunteering in Schools


by Emils*, childrens' editorial staff

I think forcing people at schools to serve voluntary work would have a very negative impact on the quality of and the motivation behind community services at school and in the area. If you force someone to do something they have no interest in. They will most likely pay no attention tu human interaction and mainly focus on filling the minimum time by simply turning up and filling a schedule of pre-defined obligations.

By leaving up the decision of whether or not to spend time on voluntary work to the students themselves a school ensures that only motivated and committed people take part in the community services a school offers. This is a very important aspect as most if not all of these services or voluntary work in general require their participants to have lots of patience and genuine interest in what they're doing.
Especially in those areas where volunteers have to work with humans a lot.

2016-07-01, E+M*
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Text: ©E+M*
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*childrens' editorial staff: E+M*, Emils*, Bui*, Wauwau* and Agentenschreck* Volunteer

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