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Information about the organization

by Bulu Imam

Sanskriti is an organization devoted to the protection and promotion of tribal art and culture founded by Bulu Imam in Hazaribagh fifteen years ago. The Tribal Women Artists Cooperative (TWAC) created at Sanskriti is a group founded by him which works under the aegis of INTACH of which Shri Imam has been the Chapter Convener since 1987. The TWAC works to give employment to tribal women in areas affected by mining displacement and through exhibitions of their art both in India and abroad to present their case to the world. Since this art is descended from the region’s meso-chalcolithic rockart in caves in jungles of North Jharkhand’s upper Damodar valley, and is a threatened village mural painting tradition in view of mining destroying scores of villages, Sanskriti Centre supports and promotes the art now being made on paper, cloth, and embroidered quilts so that the heritage may be preserved.

Exhibitions of the Sohrai painted harvest art and Khovar comb-cut sgriffito art as well as embroidered quilts etc. made by the artists have been exhibited in major museums and art galleries in Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, and the U.K. The aim of Sanskriti is to give a forum to tribal women artists who are carrying on the longest continuing artistic tradition in the world in North Jharkhand, and also to preserve and document the threatened artistic traditions on the region.

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Mr. Bulu Imam

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2007-02-19 by Bulu Imam and the Tribal Women Artists Cooperative , Wirtschaftswetter
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