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Welcome to Fall 2017

Wirtschaftswetter International

Dear Readers,

thank you for visiting Wirtschaftswetter. Wirtschaftswetter-International, our English-language section, offers you themes, information, tips and services. The next edition of Wirtschaftswetter goes online in January 2018. If there is anything you would especially like to see in the magazine or if you would like to leave us a message with your suggestions, interests, wishes or questions, we will be glad to receive your e-mail:

Quote: "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” "
Henry David Thoreau

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Theme: The Future of Youth in North Africa. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) had hosted a two day conference on youth and employment in North Africa. The youth unemployment rate in North Africa is at 28,8 percent, only 16,6 percent of young women and 46,8 percent of young men are working or seeking work. Among them 29,3 percent are unemployed, around 25 percent of young workers are living in poverty. Young men and women in North Africa are three times more likely to be unemployed than adults. ILO called for global action to boost employment in this region. More, article: Creating decent jobs for rapidly expanding young African labour force - Website: The Gobal Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth. +++

External Link - European Commission: Public Surveys

link picture gallery summer +++ News +++ UN Climate Change Conference - Fidschi and Bonn/Germany +++. The UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn/Germany opens today. Germany annouces an additional 100 million euros to support developing countries in climate change adaption. 50 million euros from Federal Environment Ministry go to the: Adaption Fund. The other 50 million euros will be given by the Federal Ministry for Economich Cooperation and Development to the : Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF), that provides targetet support in climate change adaption to the poorest countries. With a total of 240 milon euros to date, Germany is now the largest donor to the Adaption Fund, that is underfinanced in spite of growing needs and recognised good work and it relies on voluntary contributions. The 10th anniversary of the Adaption Fund will be celebrated on 16. November in Bonn, more: COP 23 . +++ Dispute Settlement +++ The World Tradte Organization published it's new edition of the handbook on disputes, more: New handbook on the WTO Dispute Settlemen System +++ Escalating Storms and Climate Change +++ . Climat reseacher Kerry Emanue (MIT) in an article on important questions: Kerry Emanuel on climate change and hurricanes + Online Community: Climate - Learning, Discussion and Action +++ Last Words +++ In the end of September The New York Review of Books published the last words from Liu Xiabo, the Chinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate who were prisoned for many years and died in July 2017: Liu Xiaobo's Last Text. +++

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Quote: "I was decribed as a dreamer, a fantasist, even as the village idiot. I didn't care. What I cared about was convincing people to allow me to go on with my work."
Ada Yonath

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