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Welcome to Fall 2021

Dear Readers,

Wirtschaftswetter Internationalthank you for visiting Wirtschaftswetter. Wirtschaftswetter-International, our English-language section, offers you themes, information, tips and services. The next edition of Wirtschaftswetter goes online in October 2021. If there is anything you would especially like to see in the magazine or if you would like to leave us a message with your suggestions, interests, wishes or questions, we will be glad to receive your e-mail:

Quote: "Life. For some it is battle for others its dance. For rich it is party for poor it is chance."
Kelly Cutrone

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Research - Eurofound on COVID-19, latest: Mental health and trust decline across EU as pandemic enters another year

The one and only - The New York Review of Books

Viviane Westwood - Climate Revolution

Herbst XIIThemes: Like function promoting false friends and fake news. The Royal Institute of Philosophy's essay prize 2021 has been awarded to Dr. Lucy McDonald who decribes the "like" function on social media as a "pseudo-engagement" that "plays an instrumental role in fostering political polarisation" while it's "quantifying social capital". She gets to the heart of the issue, portaying "Likes" as creating "the bare minimum of human connection" - in a kind of phatic communion that entails a careless handling of factual truths, what makes "social media users more vulnerable to manipulation". McDonald's essay focuses on Facebook, that defines itself as a possibility finding friends. In Germany the social media platform has recently found a new business friend in the Axel Springer SE media group. Read on, Philosophers's thumbs-down to social media "likes" gets award thumps-up from Royal Institute

Loans: Different Times - Other Result. Surely you know the recommondations for when to refuel, because petrol prices vary depending on the time of day. Did you know that this applies not only to gas stations, but also to banks if you want to apply for a loan? Following a new study by researchers from Cambridge you should prefer to visit your bank credit officer either early in the morning or in the afternoon. Because around midday he or she might otherwise suffer a "decision fatigue" - and will reject your application. This implicates the importance of regular breaks during working hours. The study is published in the journal Royal Society Open Science Read on, Rejected

+++ News +++ Chronic loneliness can lead to mental illnesses +++. As researchers of the Universities of Bonn, Haifa and Oldenburg reported, the painful feeling of loneliness can lead to mental illnesses such as despression or anxiety disorders, if loneliness persists that is associated with reduced level of trust in others. This is reflected in changes in activity and interaction of various brain structures, mainly in the insular cortex, more, Lack of trust exacerbates loneliness spiral

+++ WTO: More Vaccines Needed +++ International organizations - WTO, IMF, WHO and others - met with the CEOs of leading vaccine manufacturing companies on 16th semptember 2021 to discuss strategies especially for low - und lower middle-income countries and in Afrcia to improve access to Covid-19-vaccines. Without urgent steps the world will not be able to reach the end-2021 target of 40 percent of the population having been vaccinated. Read on, International organizations, vaccine manufacturers agree to intensify cooperation to deliver COVID-19 vaccines

+++ Lack of knowlegde of Using AI +++ . A new Report from Corinium and FIico shows AI Use is putting most companies at risk. The researchers find that 65 % of respondents' companies can't explain how specific AI model decisions or predictions are made, read on, press release: New Report - Lack of Urgency around Responsible AI Use.

+++ Living and working in Europe 2020 +++ . The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) has published its new Yearbook 2020. The impact of ongoing Covid-19 pandemic on Europe is still enourmous. The Report 2020 delivers a snapshot of how Covid-19 confinement measures changed employment, work and quality of life during the first Covid-19-year in Europe, including other aspects of social and economic life, read on, link, Living and Working in Europe 2020 +++ +++

External Link - New York, New York

Quote: "Drink and dance and laugh and lie, Love, the reeling midnight through, For tomorrow we shall die! (But, alas, we never do)."
Dorothy Parker

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